Bren Fletcher

Ilkeston Takushinjuku Shotokan Karate Club

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Bren Fletcher


Bren started his martial arts career in Kung Fu Chiang Shou Fa with Sifu Phil Mead in 1974.  Due to moving house into a new area he had to change his training style and started training in karate. He joined Sneinton Karate Club, which was affiliated to the European Karate Association and trained under Sensei Ken Hillyard 9th Dan. Bren progressed through the grades and attended courses in Atemi Jitsu with Mr Phil Milner who was affiliated to International Budo Association. He also trained on numerous occasions with Sensei Kanazawa 10th Dan and also Sensei Bob Roberts 7th Dan. Bren passed his 1st Dan in Shotokan Karate in 1996 and achieved the grade of 5th Dan in 2013 under Sensei Ken Hillyard 9th Dan (senior instructor for European Karate Association). Bren now trains at Bakersfield Karate Club and Ilkeston Shotokan karate Club.


Bren says "Shotokan Karate has given me the best all round training for mind, body and strong self defence".