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Dave Hathaway

Dave Hathaway

Dave Hathaway started Karate training with Loscoe Karate Club, Heanor in 2006 at the age of 33. Dave decided to train in Karate to help improve his core strength and his flexability. Due to work commitments Dave sometimes struggled to train twice a week with Loscoe so took the opportunity to train with Sensei Kev Lomax at Ilkeston Shotokan Karate Club whenever possible. After grading to 1st Kyu with Loscoe Karate Club Dave stopped training for some time due to an injury. On resuming training in early 2015, Dave decided to leave Loscoe Karate Club and join Sensei Lomax's Ilkeston Club. Dave graded to 1st Dan with Sensei Lomax in April 2016. Dave has competed in many local, regional and national competitions in both individual and team Kata and Kumite events with some success.