Pete Key

Ilkeston Takushinjuku Shotokan Karate Club

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Pete Key




Pete started his martial arts career during the early 1960s. He trained in Judo and achieved his yellow belt with Sensei Gordon Siddell (who later joined the army as a Judo instructor). Pete then went on to learn Old Welsh Wrestling AKA Kitch-Catch-Can between 1967 and the early 1970s. After suffering a heart attack at the age of 38 Pete had time on his hands and joined a local Karate club in 1987. Pete has trained with Sensei's Mick Tucker 5th Dan, Wayne Tucker 8th Dan, Bob Roberts 7th Dan and Ken Hillyard 9th Dan. Most of this training was in Shotokan Karate. Pete trains at Bakersfield Shotokan Karate Club, Ilkeston Shotokan Karate Club and has also been training in Aikido once a week for the last 3 1/2 years.