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Kesh Liladhar

Kesh, 2nd Dan, started training in Shotokan Karate in 1996 at LELA Shotokan Karate Club in Loughborough under the tutelage of Sensei Terry Corbett. Over the years, Kesh has attended many courses with Sensei’s such as Akita, Kawasoe, Kanazawa, Matsuda, Cummings and Aragani. When LELA joined SKA (Shotokan Karate Association), it gave Kesh an opportunity to train with and learn from Sensei Akita. He graded 1st Dan in London with Sensei Akita and Sensei Matsuda in 2003. As a result of succumbing to illness, Sensei Corbett was forced to discontinue his clubs in 2015. Kesh then chose to train with Sensei Kevin. When asked why he chooses to travel from Mountsorrel in Leicestershire rather than train with a club locally, he said that it is simply because of the excellent quality of training with Sensei Kevin. He has a vast knowledge in Karate together with the ability to demonstrate excellent technique.

Kesh Liladhar